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Lake City Ice Climbing Retreats
from $50.00
Lake City Ice Climbing Retreats
from $50.00

Join us in Lake City, Colorado for world-class ice climbing! Nestled into a little valley southwest of Gunnison, Lake City is home to two large ice parks that are open to the public and built for ice climbing. The walls are around 70-110 feet in height, and consist of routes ranging in difficulty from WI3-5.

No matter your ability level, these two-day trips are designed to make you a better ice climber through mileage on the ice and technical skills taught by DMG guides. Guides will work with you one-on-one to ensure you improve your skills and are having a good time while on the ice!

Ice climbing gear can be provided for no extra charge. This includes boots, crampons, ice axes, harnesses, and helmets. 

Lodging can be arranged through DMG upon request. For larger groups, it's nice to rent an Airbnb in the area. DMG has connections for discounted rates. Also, hotel rooms for around $100/night at the Matterhorn Motel are available. Transportation can also be arranged and carpooling options may be available upon request from Denver. 

Cost $500/weekend

Dates are below. Please sign up soon if you’re interested, registration is limited. Each trip is two full days of climbing, Saturday and Sunday. Privately guided trips may be arranged for a similar price as well. 

January   21-22

February  4-5,  11-12,  25-26

March  11-12,  25-26

Sign up instructions: Once you make your deposit on this registration page, we will reach out to you within 24-48 hours for trip details. At any point, you may email us at or call and text 303-884-2755 to sign up over email or the phone. 

Private Trips: If you would like to arrange a privately guided trip to Lake City, let us know! We can arrange these trips as well with a minimum of two people per trip for $600/person or $1,200 for 1 person. 

Trip minimums: We require 2 participants per trip as a minimum requirement. If there is only one person signed up for a weekend, we can still make the trip happen for an extra charge, if desired. 

Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing
from $200.00
Intro to Multi-Pitch Climbing
from $200.00

Join us for a full day (8-hour) course on multi-pitch climbing! DMG Guides will bring you through everything you need to know for multi-pitch sport climbing. Topics include knots/hitches/friction hitches, anchors for multi-pitch climbing, devices used for belaying, belaying from above, rope management, transitions, lowering, and rappelling. This course is outside at the crag, typically in Clear Creek Canyon. 

The prerequisite for this course is that you must be able to lead 5.6 sport outside. 

DMG guides will provide all of the multi-pitch gear you need for the day, and you will be able to make a gear list throughout the day of things you'll need for future adventures. 

Cost: $200/person

Dates are below

April 15, 29

May 13, 21

June 3, 17

July 1, 8, 22

August 5, 13

To register, sign up here and when prompted after registration, type in the course date that you could like to sign up for. 

Multi-pitch Rescue Course
from $200.00
Multi-pitch Rescue Course
from $200.00

Learn to be self-sufficent in the vertical! Are you climbing multi-pitch routes but have never taken a rescue course? This course is for you! 

This full day (8 hour) clinic is perfect for climbers leading multi-pitch routes and are looking to take their rescue knowledge and skills to the next level. In this course we will take you through the basics of multi-pitch rescue. Topics covered include lowering and hauling from above, belay escapes and transitions from above, pick-offs in multi-pitch terrain to rescue an injured climber, and counterbalanced and tandam rappels. Participants will receive a list of necessary gear to bring for the day as well as a list of knots and hitches to practice before the course. We will also be covering the required knots and hitches in the first part of the course. Prerequisites are that you must have at least 1 year of multi-pitch climbing experience or have a base knowledge on multi-pitch climbing.

Cost $200/person

Dates are below

April 29

May 7, 27

June 4, 17, 24

July 1, 9, 22

August 12

To register, sign up here and when prompted after registration, type in the course date that you could like to sign up for. 


Intro to Self Rescue
from $200.00
Intro to Self Rescue
from $200.00

This is a great course for people looking to learn more about being a self-sufficient climber in single-pitch terrain. 

This full day (8 hour) clinic is for all climbers that climbs and haven't taken a rescue course, or if you wan to brush up on your rescue skills. Topics covered include knots and hitches for rescue, ascending and rappelling, belay take-overs, load transfers, and rescuing a climber on the wall (also known as a pick-off). 

The prerequisite for this course is that you know how to toprope belay. 

Cost $200/person

Dates are below

April 22, 29

May 13, 27

June 3, 10, 24

July 8, 16, 23

August 5, 12, 20

To register, sign up here and when prompted after registration, type in the course date that you could like to sign up for. 

Warrior's Way Climbing Clinic
from $265.00
Warrior's Way Climbing Clinic
from $265.00

The Warrior's Way Sport Climbing Clinic

The Warrior's Way, Outdoor Sport Climbing Clinic, coached by Sevve Stember

Falling & Commitment

How do you react when you are pumped and doubting your ability to commit to the next several moves? Many climbers lose commitment and won’t make the moves because they overthink when climbing.

To stay committed you to need to stop at rest stances and think through the risk.

Then you need to make an appropriate risk decision - go or no go. Can I fall here? Can I not fall here? Then, you need to commit completely to taking action on that decision. That is the emphasis of this sport climbing mental training camp.

This one or two-day sport climbing mental training course helps you:

●  Learn where you can and can’t fall

●  Climb efficiently to keep from pumping out just before you reach the anchors

●  Make sport climbing more relaxed when on the sharp end.

Your Warrior’s Way trainer teaches skills and techniques which apply to all climbing grade levels. As wanted, the trainer can teach 5.11 and higher techniques and mindsets for those climbing in this ability range.

"I’ve always considered myself an intuitive climber but after one day with Warrior’s Way, I made a startling realization. In moments of hesitation, instead of listening to my body and going with the flow, I start to over-analyze and doubt myself. We worked through movement drills, breathing, and mental practices that helped harness my analytical energy and translate it into intuitive movement."

-Nina Williams, pro-climber & North Face athlete

Learn How To:

●  Become aware of your mind’s limiting tendencies (like thinking you’ll clip the chains)

●  Distinguish between no-fall and yes-fall zones

●  Rest efficiently to avoid the pump

●  Develop flow and momentum to make climbing easier

●  Deal with mental stress before, during, and after the climb

●  Improve problem-solving skills for better route finding and beta sequences

●  Make and stick to appropriate risk decisions

●  Use your intelligence to do effective risk-assessment

●  Reduce fear when pushing yourself

●  Make climbing more fun


●  Able to sport climb 5.9 in a gym with no falls

●  Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week

●  At least 9 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year

Dates for 2023

Locations: All clinics are held in Golden and Boulder, Colorado, except for the July 27th date, that is in Minnesota at Red Wing aka Barn Bluff.

Sport Climbing Clinics (1-day clinics):

  • May 6th
  • June 24th 
  • June 25th 
  • July 9th
  • July 27th (Minnesota at Red Wing aka Barn Bluff)
  • September 16th 
  • October 14th 
  • October 15th 

Trad Clinic in Eldorado Canyon (1-day clinics):

  • May 7th (trad clinic)
  • September 17th (trad clinic)

Cost = $265

Sign up instructions: Select a date from the drop down menu and make a purchase, then we will reach out to you via email. Feel free to call us at 303-884-2755 or email at for more info or to sign up. 

Youth Climbing Trips to Rifle (2023)
from $0.00
Youth Climbing Trips to Rifle (2023)
from $0.00

Youth Climbing Trip to Rifle Mountain park

Located on the Western Slope, close to the town of Rifle, Rifle Mountain Park is home to world-class sport climbing! The narrow canyon offers tall, breathtaking walls that are perfect for youth climbers to cut their teeth on! Jam packed with hundreds of steep to overhanging limestone walls and caves, this location is for the intermediate to advanced sport climbers looking to really push themselves.

This is a three day trip, Monday through Wednesday, and takes place once a month in the summer. We have a June, July, and August option available to choose from, or come with us on all of the trips!

Kids will be dropped off in Golden at the DMG headquarters and driven to Rifle on Monday morning. Kids will be expected to sleep in tents, climb on rocks,eat food cooked by DMG guides, and have fun! They will then be driven back Wednesday evening. 

Guides for the trip: The lead guides for these trips are DMG owner, Kevin Capps, and youth coach, Vasya Vorotnikov. 

June 12th-14th | $500 | Max participants 8 kids 

July 24th -26th | $500 | Max participants 8 kids

August 7th-9th | $500 | Max participants 8 kids

To register, add a month, or all three months to your cart. We will then follow up with you later for payment to complete registration. You can also call 303-884-2755 or email to sign up. 

Prerequisites for this trip are being able to lead climb 5.11a in the gym and have lead climbing experience in the gym.

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course
from $50.00
AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course
from $50.00

SINGLE PITCH INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM The Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Program teaches climbing instructors to proficiently facilitate and instruct the sport of rock climbing in a single pitch setting. The SPI is the only internationally recognized single pitch climbing instructor certification program in the United States. The SPI Program consists of a 3-day course, followed by a 2-day assessment. After completing the course and then passing the assessment, you become an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor. The SPI is considered gateway training to other programs in the AMGA Rock discipline.

You can confirm availability by calling 303-884-2755 or emailing us at

Instructors: Ryan Campbell, Andrew Megas-Russell, Steve Levin

SPI Course Dates below:  

April 28-30 (OPEN)

May 27-29 (OPEN)

Cost $600

You can register by making a $50 deposit on this page.

Sign up instructions: Once you make your payment on this registration page, it will ask you which date you would like to sign up for. When prompted, you can enter the date of the course you would like to attend. At any point, you may email us at or call and text 303-884-2755 to sign up over email or the phone. 

Climbing Cats, Youth Climbing (Summer 2022)
from $75.00
Climbing Cats, Youth Climbing (Summer 2022)
from $75.00

Summer Team (Meets every Monday and Wednesday)

The Climbing Cats youth climbing team is designed for youth climbers that are excited about climbing and want to take their outdoor climbing to the next level. The Climbing Cats will be meeting for outdoor climbing sessions twice per week. We encourage everyone who meets the prerequisites to sign up. No matter your ability level, we will be able to help you improve your all-around outdoor climbing ability. We also work on skills during these sessions, like anchor building/cleaning, intro to rock rescue techniques, and an option to practice trad gear placements. 

What is it?

  • Twice a week program (8am-4pm)
  • Weekly training program for each kid
  • Skills sessions that include anchor building/cleaning, intro to rock rescue techniques, and an option to practice trad gear placements


The three coaches for this program are Kevin and Laura Capps, and Vasya Vorotnikov. Kevin and Laura have been guiding and coaching youth climbers for over 10 years, with extensive experience with outdoor climbing and coaching. Vasya grew up competing in the youth and adult competition circuit for US Climbing. Vasya has also climbed routes with difficulty up to 5.15a, one of the most difficult grades in the United States. 


  • Ages 12-18
  • Must lead climb 5.11 or harder in the gym
  • lead climbing and lead belaying experience required

Dates: Starts May 30th, and ends on August 10th. This program is 11 weeks and 22 days total. 

Cost: $1,600

Add to cart and make a $75 payment. Once you make the deposit and register, you will be contacted to complete the registration process. Since there is an application process, registration cannot be confirmed until you talk with us. Please email or call 303-884-2755 to confirm registration. 

Team 5281
from $50.00
Team 5281
from $50.00

Winter 2022 - 2023 (11/28/2022 - 03/02/2023)

Team 5281 is a small group of elite youth climbers competing in the Denver area, Region 42.  

Coaches are Vasya Vorotnikov, Laura Capps, and Kevin Capps, with Vasya as the head coach. 

Prerequisites. This team is an exclusive elite team, and currently has two spots available. We are limited in size since we train at different gyms in the Denver area. We currently train at The Spot, which has four gyms for our team to pick from. The kids that are currently on the team range from Youth C to Youth A, and train at a high level. 

To register your kid, please inquire at or call 303-884-2755 for availability and requirements. 

What is included

  • 3 practices per week from 5:30pm-8:30pm (M, W, Th)
  • Training at all 4 of The Spot gyms
  • Includes a monthly membership at The Spot
  • Includes coaching at 2 local comps
  • Support and coaching through Regionals, Divisionals, and Nationals (travel and day fees would apply to these)
  • Winter Season (Nov 28th to March 2nd)
  • 39 practices total
  • Pro Deals from Vibram (50%), Himali (60% discount), and Petzl (50%)

Cost $2,250

Full Access Pass to Virtual Courses
from $50.00
Full Access Pass to Virtual Courses
from $50.00

By purchasing a full access pass to our virtual courses, you will have access to all virtual courses for March, April, and May of 2020. You will be purchasing access to the live course and also the recorded versions as well. 

Cost: $50

Clear Creek Canyon Guidebook, 3rd Edition
from $32.00
Clear Creek Canyon Guidebook, 3rd Edition
from $32.00

Pre-Order a copy now!

You are purchasing a copy of the third edition of Rock Climbing, Clear Creek Canyon. A guidebook written by Denver Mountain Guiding's owner, Kevin Capps. Pre-order now for deliver by September 2020. 

Clear Creek Canyon has always been a go-to after work and weekend destination for Front Range climbing communities, and with the recent development in the canyon, the area is only becoming more popular. With nearly 6 new crags and over 80 new routes since the second edition of this book, Clear Creek continues to produce high quality routes and is in the running for one of the best sport climbing areas on the Front Range. The new routes encompass a wide variety of skill levels, so whether you’re looking for a new project, or wanting to romp up a fun 5.6 multi-pitch, this canyon won’t disappoint. With nearly 1,200 routes, spanning all grades, you’ll have to decide what’s better – ticking your old project or picking a new one from all the classic options in this book.

Cost $32, Shipping included

The Golden Climbing Guide, Guidebook
from $25.95
The Golden Climbing Guide, Guidebook
from $25.95

The Golden area has a high concentration of classic rock climbing destinations. This book includes sport and trad routes at North Table Mountain/The Golden Cliffs, The Lookout Mountain Area, Golden Gate Canyon, and Morrison. With recent development, there have been over 200 new routes in the Golden area since the last North Table Mountain book published in 2008 by Jason Haas and Ben Schneider. This book documents all of the new routes in the area, with dozens of new classics, and includes some fresh new action photos to get you psyched for your next climb! With nearly 700 routes in this book, there is something for everyone! Denver Mountain Guiding owner, Kevin Capps, co-authored this book with his friend, Jason Haas. 

Cost $25.95, Shipping included