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Redpoint Mastery Clinic

Redpoint Mastery Clinic, coached by Sevve Stember

Do you have dreams of climbing a new grade? Have you thought about projecting a route, but aren’t quite sure how? Projecting is an extremely enjoyable process that allows us to climb closer to our maximum physical and mental limit. It’s also not mystical - there are best practices climbers use to help them make progress from session to session. During this in-depth clinic you will demystify the process of projecting and learn best practices to put into practice on your own projects.

Learn the following topics and skills:

● Warming up on your proj ● Route selection ● Mini-projects vs. mega-projects ● Getting draws on route and a top-rope set ● “Chunking” the route into sections ● Crux rehearsal ● Red point cruxes ● Rehearsing “easy” sections ● Creating useful tick marks (hint: it’s more advanced than you think) ● Brushing holds ● Low pointing ● Clipping stances ● When to extend draws ● When to give your proj red point burns ● Going in direct ● “Clipping up” ● Stick clipping ● Visualization ● Resting between burns ● Staying hydrated and on top of caloric intake ● Resting on route ● And more :)

Client testimonial: “I took this class with Sevve and cannot recommend more. I went from being afraid to climb 10b to onsighting 11b and now projecting 12a. If you have any interest in upleveling your projecting game I would highly recommend it!” -Logan Breuning, another totally normal climber out there trying to get better just like you!


● Able to lead 5.9 sport climbs outside without falling

● Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week

● At least 9 months of climbing regularly within the last year / year and a half

Location: Clear Creek Canyon

Cost = $265

Dates: June 16th, 2024

Duration: 1-day clinics

Sign up instructions: To register, select the date below that you would like to sign up for and add it to your cart to make the purchase. Feel free to call us at 303-884-2755 or email [email protected] if you have any issues or have any questions. 

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