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Warrior's Way Climbing Clinic

The Warrior's Way Sport Climbing Clinic

The Warrior's Way, Outdoor Sport Climbing Clinic, coached by Sevve Stember

Falling & Commitment

How do you react when you are pumped and doubting your ability to commit to the next several moves? Many climbers lose commitment and won’t make the moves because they overthink when climbing.

To stay committed you to need to stop at rest stances and think through the risk.

Then you need to make an appropriate risk decision - go or no go. Can I fall here? Can I not fall here? Then, you need to commit completely to taking action on that decision. That is the emphasis of this sport climbing mental training camp.

This one or two-day sport climbing mental training course helps you:

●  Learn where you can and can’t fall

●  Climb efficiently to keep from pumping out just before you reach the anchors

●  Make sport climbing more relaxed when on the sharp end.

Your Warrior’s Way trainer teaches skills and techniques which apply to all climbing grade levels. As wanted, the trainer can teach 5.11 and higher techniques and mindsets for those climbing in this ability range.

"I’ve always considered myself an intuitive climber but after one day with Warrior’s Way, I made a startling realization. In moments of hesitation, instead of listening to my body and going with the flow, I start to over-analyze and doubt myself. We worked through movement drills, breathing, and mental practices that helped harness my analytical energy and translate it into intuitive movement."

-Nina Williams, pro-climber & North Face athlete

Learn How To:

●  Become aware of your mind’s limiting tendencies (like thinking you’ll clip the chains)

●  Distinguish between no-fall and yes-fall zones

●  Rest efficiently to avoid the pump

●  Develop flow and momentum to make climbing easier

●  Deal with mental stress before, during, and after the climb

●  Improve problem-solving skills for better route finding and beta sequences

●  Make and stick to appropriate risk decisions

●  Use your intelligence to do effective risk-assessment

●  Reduce fear when pushing yourself

●  Make climbing more fun


●  Able to sport climb 5.9 in a gym with no falls

●  Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week

●  At least 9 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year

Locations: All clinics are held in Golden and Boulder, Colorado.

Dates for 2024

Sport Climbing Clinics (1-day clinic):

  • March 24 - Sport Clinic in Clear Creek Canyon
  • May 5 - Sport Clinic in Clear Creek Canyon
  • June 15 - Sport Clinic in Clear Creek Canyon
  • July 20 - Sport Clinic in Clear Creek Canyon
  • July 21 - Sport Clinic in Clear Creek Canyon
  • October 26 - Sport Clinic in Clear Creek Canyon

Trad Clinic in Eldorado Canyon (1-day clinic):

  • May 4 - Trad Clinic in Eldorado Canyon
  • October 27 - Trad Clinic in Eldorado Canyon

Cost = $265

Sign up instructions: Select a date from the drop down menu and make a purchase, then we will reach out to you via email. Feel free to call us at 303-884-2755 or email at [email protected] for more info or to sign up. 

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