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Quick Session - Privately Guided Climbing (2 hours)

If all of these options sound like too much for you and you are more interested in a quick, 2 hour, guided day of rock climbing then the Quick Session might be for you. A guide will take you to a climbing destination and climb with you, teaching you techniques and climbing skills along the way. For smaller groups, we can typically get in about 2-3 different rock climbing routes in 2 hours. You may have the option to extend your climb if you want to climb more. Beginners, intermediates, and experts alike are encouraged to book this trip. We do the Quick Sessions in Clear Creek Canyon in Golden, CO.

Climbing shoes, harness, and helmet are required for all climbs, and they can be provided for no extra charge! Just let us know what size shoe/s in the reservation.

    - 1 person: $225
    - 2 people: $120/person
    - 3 people: $85/person
    - 4+ people: $65/person

2 Hours Rock - Quick Session of Privately Guided Climbing

Half Day Rock - Privately Guided Climbing (4 Hours)

Full Day Rock - Privately Guided Climbing (8 Hours)

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